Other Writings

Three misconceptions about Columbus Day. Columbia Daily Spectator, 10/16/2014 (Backup)
A rumination on Columbus Day written for the daily newspaper published by the homonymous university.

Justice Delayed… an Overview of the Options to Speed Up Federal Justice. Journal of Public and International Affairs, 2007, p. 127-148 (Backup)
Publication on a student-only journal published by the Princeton Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs while a Master of Public Policy student.


My blog, where I occasionally dump my notes about programming and big data. I haven’t been very good at adding pages, but one of the pages (On merging CRSP and CompuStat data) has had some measure of success. Another one hasn’t, but should (Using LaTeX Beamer like a pro to output slides, handouts, and slides notes effortlessly).

Shoushiling, an online game of Rock-Paper-Scissors (RPS) against an artificial intelligence. Shoushiling (手势令) is the Chinese word for RPS.


A photo I took in March 2006 of Lehman Brothers (Backup) and posted on Flickr under a Creative Commons license with the title “Evil Empire 1: Lehman Brothers” randomly ended up decorating many bank trouble-related articles (1 2 3), including a think piece on the financial crisis by Martin Wolf on Prospect Magazine. If I remember correctly, I had chosen the “evil empire” phrase to convey the message that capitalist institutions are evil, and many of them reside in the Empire State 🙂

The Last Supper