All the household finance tricks you need to know in one blog post

The Frugal Professor says:

Our family lives at Costco.

I can relate to that.


We often take our kids on a (0.4 mile) walk to the food court for a one-on-one date. The max budget for a date is $1.50, though my wife violates this rule with the occasional berry sundae which costs $1.65. I’m much more stringent


Look for stuff ending in 97 [and 00.]  This is stuff they are trying to get rid of.

Here, my wife Yi says “I already knew that,” which surprises me because she never told me, but shouldn’t surprise me because the Chinese know all the tricks, always.


We have the Costco credit card and it’s garbage (4% Costco gas, 3% restaurant & travel, 2% Costco, 1% everywhere else).

This is one of the boldest statements I’ve ever heard since for most people the Costco credit card is as good as it gets, but if you want to see why he thinks that, you’ll have to read the full post. There’s much, much more than these few highlights.

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